The perils of poor advice!

Beware of taking advice from someone who has had a less-than-favourable experience with their Insurance provider!  It is so important to get all the facts before making an uninformed decision regarding your own personal Health and Risk insurance, based on another person's experience.

Talking with a professional Adviser is the best way to find out the pros and cons of the myriad of insurance companies available to you.  Very often the 'horror story' you have heard from a friend/colleague/family member does not contain all the pertinent facts, which are often the real reason for their experience.

It is crucial to read and fully understand just what your new policy covers, or doesn't cover, and your professional Adviser is the person to explain that to you.  

For example, do you need Specialist Cover?  Many people opt not to take this add-on, and are annoyed when their Provider won't cover the cost of a Specialist appointment. Weighing up the cost of additional Specialist Cover against the probability of requiring it in the future, is a decision not to be taken lightly. By focusing on the big risks and choosing ‘hospital-only’ policies – you’ll ensure you’re protected from the highest health costs that might hit but at the same time have a more manageable premium. Adding the specialist option to your cover will increase your premiums and even though you potentially won’t match the increase in cost with any potential one off specialist claims that come through, you will have the security of knowing the smaller costs are covered too.

Our advice is to seek advice from your trusted independent Insurance Broker, before you have a knee-jerk reaction regarding an insurance review, based on someone else's experience. Be rest assured insurance products are set up so they can be mixed and matched to suit your personal needs and budget while still providing you with a comprehensive level of cover. Any discussion on your insurance needs are always documented and sent to you, so you can always refer back to these documents to remind yourself of why you chose your policy.

With 13 years’ experience in the NZ marketplace, Absolute Insurance can offer you sound impartial advice, to ensure that any decision you make is based on facts... and is the very best solution for your needs.


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