Empowering Kiwi's: Absolute Insurance Director Jaynie Hudgell Champions the "Unlock Your Greatness" Campaign in Support of Swimming.

Absolute Insurance are thrilled to hear of Swimming New Zealand’s latest initiative, the “Unlock Your Greatness” campaign. At Absolute Insurance, we’re passionate about promoting the significant health and wellbeing benefits of swimming. We believe that swimming is not just a sport, it’s a crucial life skill that everybody should enjoy throughout their life.

We have an incredible advocate for the cause – our very own Director, Jaynie Hudgell, a1974 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, and President of Swimming NZ.  Jaynie continues to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming for nearly 65 years. Today, she swims three times a week for both physical and mental wellbeing. Jaynie encourages everyone to discover the joy of being active in the water and unlocking their own greatness.

The ”Unlock Your Greatness” campaign is dedicated to building public awareness of the endless benefits of swimming, increasing the number of actively engaged swimmers in New Zealand and encouraging more Kiwi’s to learn to swim.

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