About Us

Our objective is simple: to find out what insurance cover you need and show you how to get total protection at the most reasonable price today, giving consideration to your desire to have a personal relationship with your Insurance Adviser.

We help you insure the things that matter the most to you - your Health, Life, and Income.

The priority you put on these different types of cover will depend on your current circumstances so your needs change over time. That's why having a relationship with Absolute Insurance is important to helping you keep "current" with all the right insurance cover.

Perhaps you already have good cover for your Health or Life insurance but feel it wouldn't hurt to have someone review it for you. If what you have meets your needs, we'll tell you – and we won't charge you. If there's something lacking in your present cover, we'll explain it to you in plain language.

Or maybe you are unsure of your needs and just want to chat to someone who can clear the air for you.

All our Advisers are mobile so they come to see you where and when it suits – nationwide.

If you choose to take our recommendation to buy a Risk insurance policy (Health, Life, Serious Illness, Income Protection, Permanent Disability) we’ll also give you a written report explaining how and why this policy meets your needs, in plain English.

We get paid by the Insurance companies whose products we recommend – you pay them for your policy, and they pay us for securing your business.

Can I buy the same policy direct from the insurance company?

Often you can but it won’t save you money, and you won’t have us to come visit you at your home or place of business to answer your questions. We’ll also help you through the process if you need to put in a claim, and will work on your behalf with the Insurers to make sure you are well taken care of.

Who owns Absolute Insurance?

Craig and Jaynie Hudgell started Absolute Insurance in 2004, and own 100% of the company.  Craig and Jaynie are from an elite swimming background, with Jaynie a former Olympian, and Gold Medalist at the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch.  They have, through the Absolute Insurance Community Insure program, assisted many individuals, clubs and organisations to raise much needed funds.


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