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Health Insurance

With all health insurance claims we suggest that ‘prior approval’ is requested. Once you have prior approval you can concentrate on your procedure and focus on your recovery.

To ensure you have a quick and efficient claims experience the following information is usually required to support your health claim.

·       Completed claim form (including the section completed by your GP).

·       Estimate of costs from your specialist.

·       Copy of the referral letter from your GP to the specialist.

·       Any other relevant reports or notes.


Relevant Claim Resources and Links

Partners Life - 0800 145 433

Online claims portal:

Further documents found at:

NIB - 0800 123 642

'My Nib' claims portal.

Asteron - 0800 737 101

Asteron claim form

Asteron claim online

Accuro - 0800 222 876

Claim Online - currently not available

AIA - 0800 500 108

Chubb (formerly Cigna) - 0800 900 047






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