Craig & Jaynie Hudgell

Craig and Jaynie Hudgell, owners of Absolute Insurance Ltd, understand that success in any venture requires hard work, dedication, teamwork and vision.  Both were New Zealand champions in swimming, with Jaynie competing at the 1972 Olympics, and the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games, where she won Gold and Bronze for New Zealand.

They have applied the success principles learnt through their elite sporting achievements, and running a number of highly successful businesses, to their Absolute Insurance business, which they started as a small family run business, in 2004.  

They are dedicated, along with their well-trained team of Advisers, to educating New Zealanders about the importance of Health and Risk Insurance, and believe that the best time to take out cover is right now!

Craig and Jaynie are committed to helping local communities, and sporting organizations throughout New Zealand, through the Absolute Insurance Community Insure™ program, and are strong supporters and contributors to a number of worthy charitable organizations throughout the country.

Craig and Jaynie live in Auckland, and have two adult children, both of whom work for Absolute Insurance, as well as two energetic grandsons. 

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